Coming Soon: Candidate Assessment Simplified.

One tool to assess the value and placement of leadership and technical talent.



will soon launch the second module for talent acquisition. The module is built to quantify hiring decisions. The result: more rigorous, objective hiring with substantial compliance advantage.


Hiring Challenges

Amid the chaos of staying competitive in highly contested markets, fast-growing companies become fast-moving companies. Hiring poorly-vetted candidates and overpaying new hires is a side-effect of speed. Subjective candidate evaluations lead to failed hires. Failed hires can cost companies up to 3X of the actual salary.


a collaborative scoring tool that can turn qualitative evaluations into quantitative assessments. This module will be available in June 2022.

Your Top Talent
in Your Pocket

When everyone aligns on the MarketValue™ for a role, companies, recruiters, and candidates can quickly agree on pay and collaborate in the executive hiring process.

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