A real-time marketplace for compensation

CompEdge™ predicts real-time market pay for the first time.

ApolloFactor CompEdge™ is built to harness the power of AI.

CompEdge™ will be the world’s first compensation tool driven by AI and machine learning. It predicts optimal job offers that maximize both corporate and employee interests simultaneously.

CompEdge™ is built to leverage machine learning (ML) to predict real-time competitive pay for hundreds of roles at more than 17,000 private and public tech companies. Our cutting-edge AI engine is designed to predict Real-Time MarketValue™. CompEdge™ predicts market pay – the ultimate compensation metric for the new-hire market.

Real-time MarketValue™ – How is it Special?

Market pay – Real-time MarketValue™ differs from current pay. Current pay tends to be 7-30% lower than market pay. When candidates make a job move, on average they see pay increases of about 11-15% on average. Real-Time MarketValue™ is the only compensation benchmark that shows today’s market for talent. This compensation benchmark is the most finely-tuned pay metric to be found anywhere. For the first time, a market benchmark includes predictions for base, bonus, equity, cash and total compensation at specific companies, or by funding stage.

Built for Today’s Hiring Market

ApolloFactor’s compensation benchmarking platform is trained on the equivalent of 1.2 million job offers reported by executive recruiters, compensation experts and databases published by the US government. It’s built to simulate market conditions, just like a stock exchange to predict today’s compensation as it evolves.

Thanks to our recent partnership with Crunchbase, ApolloFactor will soon predict compensation for roles at more than 17,000 technology companies.

How It Works

Measure what matters

Apollo’s AI engine is designed to predict Real-Time MarketValue™ for a given role at a given company, based on recognized patterns, dynamic factor relationships and market signals. The AI model incorporates 12 distinct factors, which have been shown to meaningfully affect compensation.

Keeps getting more accurate

ApolloFactor learns from the market signals generated by our users. The app actually requests you give your Pay Feedback. The AI platform acquires, interprets and integrates compensation intelligence from HR-Talent, recruiters, hiring teams, compensation experts, job candidates and compensation experts. It evaluates new data in the context of an organic constellation of possibilities.

Preserves user anonymity

ApolloFactor CompEdge™ never displays actual data acquired by our users. Your data is completely confidential. Each compensation is independently predicted by the evolving AI model. The app preserves absolute anonymity.

First of its kind marketplace

ApolloFactor CompEdge™ is built on a platform that simulates the first compensation market of its kind. ApolloFactor has filed two US patents to protect key intellectual property.

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