Pay Equity

Pay equity is more than a competitive advantage for hiring talent. It is right thing to do and plays a critical role in retaining top talent.

Pay Transparency Starts Here:

TalentValue™️ is proud to announce the launch of CompEdge™️ Get market compensation in today’s job market in seconds.

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TalentValue™️ delivers the first Pay Equity dashboard to compare your employees’ pay to market-based compensation.

Comparing your people’s compensation to people like them across the market is the fairest comparison benchmark for understanding demographic data. Many companies compare employees internally at similar levels to establish pay equity. But internal comparisons can be skewed because of fundamental differences in compensation across departments.

Delivers demographic pay equity metrics and competitive intelligence. Track pay vs. competitors and dynamic job markets.

Pay Report is the Pay Equity dashboard, which allows for instantaneously creation of a pay equity report for sharing and easy reporting.

Compares employee demographics for entire company, or any department/ function based on age, gender and ethnicity.
Creates instant shareable reports for leadership and Board.
Uses market compensation benchmarks to control for roles and functions to create more accurate comparisons.
Controls for performance, experience, industry, location and company stage.