Engagement and job satisfaction for High-Value Talent

Employee experience and engagement can be measured in many ways. Until now, companies often use employee engagement – a key component of the employee experience – as a proxy for retention. Dozens of engagement surveys are available to measure what Tom O’Byrne calls, “an employee’s passion and commitment to the organization and their job.” Yet while measuring engagement is firmly embedded in the collective consciousness of the HR community, how well does it measure or predict retention risk?

For fast-growing companies, engagement surveys can be time-consuming and tedious. Many are more than 200 questions long and can often take months to disseminate. Moreover, while these surveys capture attitudes and emotions at an organizational level, it’s not clear these surveys capture key factors of employee retention across all employee tiers. For instance, while surveys may be useful in measuring retention risk for frontline employees, are these really the right vehicles to apply to increasingly career-focused management and technical staff?

ApolloFactor is proud to offer a new approach to employee satisfaction for high value employees.

Talent PulseTM, a confidential engagement tool, is specially designed for measuring professional satisfaction and alignment for high-value employees. Human capital experts recognize that executives, managers and technical talent increasingly value professional development, career trajectory and their ability to make an impact in their current role.

In particular, high value employees derive substantial satisfaction from their achievements and professional development that concretely advance their “resume” and perceived marketability. Conversely, high-value talent can easily become frustrated and impatient when experiencing job stagnation, blockers, or slow progress in career development. There is increasing evidence that the same factors that promote career advancement and professional satisfaction also inform ‘flight risk” and impaired performance for high-value talent.

Alignment Factors


Talent PulseTM is designed to efficiently capture talent sentiment and inherent job satisfaction across five key components of an employee’s role and work life. Talent Pulse measures the alignment between an employee’s job expectations and their 1) role, 2) relationship with their manager, 3) company’s growth, financial prospects and reputation, 4) company’s corporate culture as manifested in the people they directly work with; and 5) with each of these factors set within the context of career growth and trajectory.

Talent PulseTM is designed around simplicity and power. The employee tool is easy to deploy and use. It measures and monitors essential factors of career and job satisfaction for high-value talent. Factors can be scored at a macro level, or divided into subcategories. Each sub-factor can be seamlessly scored and weighted by the user.

Employees provide confidential input in just ten to twelve minutes. In turn, Talent PulseTM captures crucial talent insights, which both inform the employee’s Retention score and convey in aggregate themes for areas of improvement to address for leadership.

Talent Pulse™ differs from traditional engagement surveys or employment experience tools:

  • Fast to deploy; easy to use, and apply for insights
  • Highly focused on professional development essential career factors that drive high-value talent for performance and identify tendencies toward flight-risk.
  • Allows for weighting and customization by employees.
  • Scores immediately integrated into the Retention Score module.
  • Administered as a monthly pulse, or as an open feedback loop.

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